Closing the Gap in STEM with Arts Integration Leaves Teachers Happy at the Cameron Art Museum (CAM) in Wilmington, NC

On May 19, 2018, the Southeast Center for Arts Integration led a day of workshops  for teachers and parents from eight counties in the Wilmington area. (New Hanover, Brunswick, Bladen, Columbus, Duplin, Onslow, Pender, Sampson) The workshops were free, and the CAM provided free morning snacks and a free lunch. (Yes, there IS a free lunch!) Thank you to the Joseph and Elsa Flowers Davies Fund for support!

Thank you so much for all of the time you, Jef, and September put into these workshops. I actually came home and did the 3D shape activity with my girls today!  What a great way to study geometrical shapes before testing! Hands on! My kindergartener did a great job describing the shape … which made writing a poem easy for my 3rd grader. –Traci Rottmann, Home-schooling Mother

I think students will benefit from a hands on approach while engaging with their peers.  I also took note of making sure to balance standards from different disciplines without overdoing it.  I learned it is important to always consider the most relevant items to assess during each lesson. – Kamica Morris, Pre-K—2nd Teacher, NHCS

Workshops We Led

How Can YOU Use the Cameron Art Museum? Let Us Count the Ways! with Luc Travers

Teachers learned about the CAM’s rich resources for teachers and students. They made connections between the art in exhibits and the NC Standards. They found out about classes for adults and youth, weekend workshops, and field trips. They heard about instructor-guided tours of the museum’s exhibitions that include objects in the museum’s permanent collection not on view. They got sneak previews into exciting, upcoming exhibitions.

Gallery walks and connection to artists through our phones and their interviews was eye opening. The upcoming CAM displays sound fabulous and I look forward to attending more often. – Robbin Dunthorn, EC 6th-8th Grades, Pender County Schools

The fact that the presenters were knowledgeable about the Standards was welcomed. – Diane Best, Reading and Math Teacher, 6-8th Grades, Sampson County Schools

Arts Integration Does Not Have to be a Project with Jef Lambdin

Teachers experienced examples of short, rigorous, and to-the-point STEAM lessons that enhance classroom atmosphere and culture.

I will be using the 2 “Energizer” games that we learned, in my 4th grade classroom. – Michelle Grill, St. Mark’s School

The movement exercise in factoring was also a fun way to incorporate learning in a group setting.  Again, the camaraderie that built between the participants is what we are trying to teach our boys ( and a few girls) in our class. Social skills and respect is a focus in our middle school. – Robbin Dunthorn, EC Teacher, 6th-8th Grades, Pender County Schools

Beyond the Picture Frame with September Krueger

Participants read the clues in an artist’s composition and collectively imagined where they were and what the needs might be beyond the frame. Working with measurement, scale, and social organization, they designed solutions for questions about place. They were integrating Math (measurement, scale, fractions), Social Studies: (interactions between humans and the environment), and Science (how humans adapt behavior to live in changing habitats).

Thank you for such a wonderful day.  Albeit very rainy and difficult for me to reach, it was totally worth every minute on that wet and slick road! I am able to bring so many ideas back to my classroom. … I enjoyed experiencing the different ways to appreciate art in both gallery spaces, as I believe that I can utilize ideas, questioning techniques and ‘games’ for all levels of students. – Natalie Doherty, K-5 Visual Art Teacher, Brunswick County Schools

Geometric Shapes & Concrete Poems with Jef Lambdin

Teachers experienced an authentic learning challenge designed for students. The workshop matched up state math and English standards with a work of visual art from the CAM’s North Carolina Arts Council 2017 Fellowship Award Exhibition, so teachers understood how to create rich lessons that integrate Art, English, and Mathematics.

That was a very rewarding day at CAM! Meeting new people and learning ways to integrate the Arts into the classroom was exciting! The poetry workshop was spot on as we have been working with a resource class ( full of boys) trying to encourage creativity through poems. The building of the shapes and group discussions about what the shape reminded us of made the poem writing a breeze! I look forward to taking this back to the boys!! – Robbin Dunthorn, EC Teacher, 6th-8th Grades, Pender County Schools

Words of Wisdom with September Krueger

Teachers made a mask inspired by quotes from artists; took away a mask that speaks words of inspiration for your classroom.

Loved looking at art pieces and using it to jump start a writing activity. …loved all the presentations! — Donna Hampton, 3rd Grade Teacher, St. Mark’s School

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