Arts Integration During a Pandemic

2020:  Our community members–students, parents, teachers, and artists–are all struggling to cope and thrive during a global crisis. We know that the arts can support learning across the curriculum. We know that learning through the arts deepens understanding and strengthens connections to content. The performing arts require collaboration with others. All the arts allow all of us to express who we are, what we think, how we feel, and what we see and envision in myriad ways. Discussing what we see in a work of art opens up portals to broader topics.  The arts provide multiple pathways to social and emotional learning. We believe that arts integration is even more important in these times of quarantine and isolation. The arts connect us spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. They warm us and let us glow in the dark.

The Southeast Center for Arts Integration is researching and testing virtual avenues for leading professional development for teachers and teaching artists during the pandemic. We are also available for in-person, socially distant, sanitized, and safe workshops. And we hope all teachers and teaching artists stay safe, sanitary, sane, and COVID-free in the coming months and years.

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