For Martha Burdette

“As an experienced hands-on arts-integration practitioner with a broad skill and knowledge base, Martha Burdette is uniquely able to communicate useful suggestions to teachers in a way that allows them to successfully implement effective strategies immediately.”

Principal of K-8 School

“Martha Burdette is knowledgeable, unassuming, creative and really understands arts-integration in the classroom. She models amazing lessons and gives productive feedback. I loved collaborating with her on arts-focused lessons. She truly understands how children learn best.”

Catherine Lovendahl
Sandhills Theatre Arts Renaissance School

“A virtual well-spring of experience and knowledge. Martha Burdette has been there and speaks from experience, not just theory.”

Michael Fury

burdette art and science

Martha Burdette leading an arts-and-science-integrated residency.

From Teaching Artists

“This workshop was the most thorough, clear and interactive teaching workshop that I have attended. I felt well equipped to begin developing my first arts-integrated residency.”

New Teaching Artist in Silver Springs, MD

“I had so much fun last week. I can’t thank you enough.”

New Teaching Artist in Edenton, NC

“The institute was so rewarding in so many levels. It was comprehensive in scope and I learned an immense amount about myself as well as arts integration.”

Teaching Artist in Silver Springs, MD

“I was pleasantly surprised by the high caliber of training I received in the 4 day workshop. I felt that the days were well organized and the exercises were useful.”

Highly Experienced Teaching Artist in Silver Springs, MD

For Jef Lambdin

“I cannot believe how much I learned over the course of five short days.  Thank you!”   -Karen Herring, Midlands Evaluation Center, Columbia, SC

“I have learned so much and I’m so excited to bring the work back to our faculty!”  – Cindy Lord, Holly Springs- Motlow Elementary, Campobello, SC

For Sheila Kerrigan

I absolutely loved the Drama, Social Studies, and writing workshop….I plan to incorporate the ideas and activities presented in that session in my classroom and across the school.  I was truly inspired!”
Visual Arts Educator, Sanders Middle School, Laurens SC

From A+ Schools

“Her leadership was very relaxed, open, sensitive to her/+ our needs. She had great plans and was flexible with them. Throughout the entire day we used our time productively.”

A+ Schools Teacher

“I especially appreciated and admired your professionalism and commitment to the participants, the process, and the project, often under difficult circumstances … I was impressed with your expertise and your ability to share that with participants without presenting as the ‘experts.'”

Gerry Howell, Former Director, A+ Schools Program

From Colleges

“[I learned] ways to communicate criticism in a positive way. The games were a great way to energize and promote team work.… It was wonderful. The communication skills will be helpful and the tips on setting goals and guidelines were good.”

Guilford College Senior Theatre Major

“Thank you tremendously for giving so fully of yourself to our students. Your energy and enthusiasm were contagious and we were all inspired by your wisdom, insights and experiential knowledge shared with us all.”

Elon College Dance Professor

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