Programs for Educatorsart and algebra

We motivate educators to use the arts in the classroom by demonstrating the connections between the most recent brain research, multiple intelligences theory, revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, Common Core and State Standards, and arts integration. We inspire teachers to embrace the arts as the powerful teaching tools they are by engaging teachers in arts-integrated learning. We enable teachers to teach with the arts immediately by providing practical tools and demonstrating arts-integrated lessons.

“I love the way Jef moved around and spoke to us.  He used so many different ways to teach!”

We tailor professional development programs for teachers and staff to fit their needs by working in partnership with school and district administrators, school leadership teams, and educational organizations.

Programs for Teaching Artists

We join forces with arts organizations to teach artists to uncover authentic connections between their art and  curricular goals while creating residency plans that organically integrate arts and curricular objectives. We focus on curriculum because arts residencies that incorporate the curriculum are attractive to teachers.

You did a fantastic job at the August 19th Artists’ Salon! I think it was one of the best Artists’ Salons we’ve sponsored. Your hand-out materials were also marvelous! I know everyone there got a lot out of it. Thanks again for a wonderful presentation!”  — Martha Shannon, Director, Orange County (NC) Arts Commission

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