Duplin County Schools Full STEAM Ahead!

Thanks to Kevin Smith at Duplin County Schools for arranging a professional development session with K-5 teachers. The workshop was called, “Full STEAM Ahead! Closing the Gap in STEM Subjects Through the Arts.” We explored how Dance and Theatre Arts can be integrated with Mathematics and Science. We made human graphs, used our bodies to compose and decompose. We collaborated to express mathematical and scientific principles through theatrical and dance performances. In the pictures, the teachers are working on lesson plans based on the workshop.
The workshop was sponsored by the Cameron Art Museum, facilitated by Sheila Kerrigan, of the SE Center for Arts Integration, and funded by Duke Energy and the Corning Foundation. Many thanks to all involved!

“I thought the workshop was outstanding.  As I said at the end, when students read, write, think, and talk, learning occurs.  Your workshop added movement to this and everyone seemed to enDuplin Wkshp 2016IMG_0807joy the session very much.  My hope is that there is a direct impact on the students in the classrooms represented.”
Kevin Smith, Chief Officer for District-Wide Early College & Professional Development


“I enjoyed your class and the movement within.  I used the theater standards with force and motion today within my first grade classroom and the children had the best time acting out ‘The Enormous Turnip.’ The role cards made them all feel like they were in charge.   I plan to do some more tomorrow and for the rest of my teaching career.  Thanks for the excitement you’ve added to my classroom.”

Tracy Cruse, Duplin County School first grade teacher

Using movement to show “compose and decompose”

“I have already used some of the ideas in my classroom. My students have played the control game and acted out the butterfly life cycle. We have also counted money using the addition and subtraction activity we did in the workshop.  The information I received on Tuesday has and will continue to impact my teaching and I look forward to applying many more of your ideas and activities in my classroom.”
Taylor Edwards, Duplin County 2nd grade teacher
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