Presenting in Chattanooga

Sheila Kerrigan was invited to present a workshop, called, “How Do I Get My Students to Collaborate and Discuss Effectively?” at the 2013 Arts and Education Forum of the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts in Chattanooga, TN on May 15 and 16, 2013. Co-founder of the Southeast Center for Arts Integration, Jef Lambdin, also attended and assisted with the workshop (and drove and made the trip fun). About a dozen educators, artists, and administrators participated with a will. They created beautiful mini-performances about equity and social justice, using a collaborative method that Sheila has developed for use in the classroom. “I love it when a plan comes together!” (Hannibal from The A-Team)Chattanooga forum w Jef Chattanooga Forum 2013 justice

Here is the handout:

How Do I Get Students 2 Collaborate wkshp2013

Teaching Artist Training in Durham, NC

Sheila led a training for about 45 teaching artists for the Durham Arts Council’s Creative Arts in the Public Schools program in January, 2013. She led a brief arts-integrated activity involving history, theater, and writing.  She walked the artists through the process of accessing the new Common Core and NC Essential Standards in their arts residencies. And then artists collaborated to locate standards that they are already teaching in the arts and one other subject area.

“Sheila’s kinesthetic exercises were inspiring.”

“It was engaging, informative, fun, & an ice-breaker. Mind if I steal it?”

“The Civil War improv/statue/writing exercise really sparked a lot of ideas for me.”

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