You did a fantastic job at the August 19th Artists’ Salon! I think it was one of the best Artists’ Salons we’ve sponsored. Your hand-out materials were also marvelous! I know everyone there got a lot out of it. Thanks again for a wonderful presentation!  — Martha Shannon, Director, Orange County Arts Commission

We had lots of great ideas and were able to begin creating a whole unit on butterfly life cycles. — New 2nd Grade Teacher

It has been great to discover my colleagues’ strengths. — Seasoned Visual Arts Teacher

This has really opened my eyes as to how I need to look at all my lessons as I prepare. — New 5th Grade Teacher

Seeing how integration of the arts is actually nothing more than another avenue to expose children to concepts and ideas in their curriculum…was most valuable. — Seasoned Classroom Teacher

This is great for me to engage my students and break up a lesson that could be considered boring to students. — New 5th Grade Teacher

How can I bottle all of this and give away to all of the Durham Public Schools to use at least 40 minutes daily for all students? — Seasoned Kindergarten Teacher

I learned how to incorporate movement in  my teaching to increase student motivation/participation. — 5th Grade Teacher with 12 years experience

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